Brain at work

Many are says we sit and tell each other that we want to leave a legacy for our generation when we no longer around so they will not have to start from nothing like we did. But action dololo, you get to 40 and you own car better than your parents but otherwise you are a worker and dependent on your salary. 
So today while the other kids are outside playing remember June 16, I’m sitting here doing some research on how I can make extra money. For me it’s not much about money but more about having some kind of business. Whole others are busy with amabhanoyi (pyramid schemes) – I’m looking at a different market and plan not to rob people. It might lead to restless weekends, but hey NandSam(Lelo) has been an idea for a very long time we getting it started today.
My brain is working overtime that I’m even getting a headache. I need to get me a cup of tea, because I’m staying away from coffee and I need the energy.



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