Inspire me 2sday

Like with everything I attempt I don’t spend enough time to learn, understand and enjoy things. We all taken aback by change and we respond in different ways either fight or flight. I enjoy changing so much that I don’t mind changing constantly.

I’m at the peak of my career at the moment and am enjoying every moment of it. I am learning new things about myself everyday and adopting better ways to do things. I thank God for that one guy who reminded me of the power that I have. I face new and old challenges daily and no day or week is the same as the other.

On the other hand I am more involved in church, recently joined the reception department and there I am learning about serving.

I am still a mommy.  Was hoping to start my own small business next month but there is no time. I want the son to come stay with me. 

I still love my blog and will commit to write at least once a week. 



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