My 30th Year Wishes

Turning 30 in 90 days and I’m so excited, actually looking forward to see what the next 10 years in the 30 has in store for me❤️. The past almost 30 years have been everything that I never imagined they would be when we had a pr-exist meeting with the Father. He didn’t give anything away actually he just told me that I am going to make it come anything He has got my back. Let me not brag.

Some of my friends also turning 30 soon are very anxious but I ain’t anxious about nothing, I am great full for everything and don’t be fooled it’s not a walk in the park, it’s actually a mountain climb. I am greatful though😊. I have a lot to show and I believe there is no limits to God’s blessings for me.

I need to start with the planning because my oh my I want those good things, I want those lovely gifts from people who love me and whom I also love. I actually want beautiful teasers because I am so I love with my tea. I want shoes, I want massages, I want abakhongi, I want car keys, I want house keys and the cellphone password. I want it all. Now!

Here’s to lifetime of love, fun, joy and lessons🥂🍾🍾 


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