What is keeping me standing?

I have been asking myself how am i standing to this day when i’m suppose to have fallen a long time ago.

Hope keeps me going. Wine helps me fall asleep. God is my pillar of strength.

Being an impatient person that I thought I was, I have suprised myself to find that there is lots of patience that dwells within me than I would have ever imagined. I unfortunately cannot say the same with my temper though.

In the past weeks I have had to surrender and seek the help of a psychotherapist. Yes I am educated and all but in my life I’d promised myself that I would never ever go for psychotherapy no matter what. However my life was falling apart and I could not hold it together any longer.
I went for my first session, it did not heal me but helped me see the light at the end of the turnel. I even learnt that I suffer from the rare disorder called DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder) and and and.


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